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An appealing dish of beef and vegetables, Vietnamese bo kho is a stew lovers dream.
Rapid shifts in the Earth's north magnetic pole are forcing researchers to make an unprecedented early update to a model that helps navigation by ships, planes and submarines in the Arctic, scientists said. The museum management had opposed the decision to unionize, which staff members said they sought to ensure fair pay. Like many small-scale entrepreneurs in Britain, Oliver Kenny, says disarray over Brexit has left his business in limbo - but he's hoping customers at his London pizzeria can help sort out the mess in... Hazard was called an individual, rather than a team player, who must do more by his manager in the build-up but when quizzed on the comments, the attacker laughed off talk it affected him. For years, Facebook gave many large technology companies special access to users information. Heres how it worked. Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York City. Scientists compiling a record of the atmosphere based on air trapped in Antarctic ice found that rising carbon dioxide has accelerated plant growth.
Her role as a victim of sex trafficking was so harrowing that Mrunal Thakur almost backed out. A Reuters examination has found that widespread crop damage covering millions of acres of Midwestern farmland has its roots in weak regulatory oversight and corporate secrecy. Reduced prices on bedding, home furnishings, dishware, wind chimes, sofas, consoles and more. John Catt, from East Sussex, has no criminal record and had attended court to get his personal details and information about his attendance at various protests removed from police records. May 20 - A device that projects text or pictures onto scented bubbles has been created by UK-based computer scientists. SensaBubble uses a concept called 'chrono-sensory experiences' to deliver messages its creators say, could be adapted for gaming, education, or even email communication. Jim Drury reports.
Sodilac, a unit of French dairy group Savencia, said it was recalling infant formula sold in pharmacies in France and produced at a Spanish factory due to possible links with salmonella cases among babies. In the early 20th century, the German biochemist Otto Warburg believed that tumors could be treated by disrupting their source of energy. His idea was dismissed for decades until now. Something in the new Oscar de la Renta boutique in Paris was not what it seemed.